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Website Designer & Developer

What I can offer Customized, easy to use, website solutions that fit your specific business, and it's size. Each site will be accessible by you to edit your own content, whenever you wish.
One Page Package Only need a small website? Budget limited? The One Page Package is quick to set up and easy to modify.
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Website Access to your Facebook Profile

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Website Access to your Facebook Profile

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Do you take some of those quizzes you see your friends post on Facebook? Which Harry Potter Character are you? Who is your soulmate? What is the most often word you use? Most of them require you to grant them access to your Facebook profile so they can pull some information off them, or so that you can post the result of the quiz to Facebook once it's done.



'' Erica is awesome... There is nothing that I throw out there that she can not do. Having someone that can build a web site from scratch gives you the flexibility to have what you want and where you want it, not just option "A" or "B" provided by website templates. I highly recommend Erica !
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