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How Fake News Can Spread

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fake NewspaperFake news can be spread very innocently, and very quickly, simply by sharing, re-posting, or re-tweeting something that you see online.

Celebrity deaths are one of the more common forms of fake news that spreads very quickly through the internet. Just recently I saw a post that read "RIP Betty White". However I noticed the first comment on that person's post was that it was not true. Then I saw an article explaining that news was spreading that Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) had passed away in an accident. Both were not true.

This happens because sometimes people will click share and move on without first doing some research. Best to fact check with more than one major news outlet before deciding to click on that share button. Try Global News, CBC, CNN, FOX, or your own favorite news source, before re-posting news such as this! Any Celebrity Death, if true, will be picked up by any of these news companies fairly quickly.

You may not be intending to share fake news, but it can happen.

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