Connecting your Phone to your Computer

Saturday, October 12, 2019

When you plug in your phone to your PC by way of a MicroUSB or TypeC USB cable, the computer will ask what you want to do? You can choose between a variety of options. But what if you selected something by mistake and now every time you connect it brings up the same thing?

In Windows 10 this is an easy fix, once you know where to look.

(Note: The examples will be on Windows 10, and with android phones only. WebGirl does not use any apple products)

Step 1: Load Settings

Go to your Windows Settings, found through the Start Button

Step 2: AutoPlay Screen

The fastest way to find the screen in the Windows Settings app, is to type it into the search box you see. In this instance, we want the AutoPlay Settings screen. Once it comes up in the results, click on that.

Step 3 - Make Your Change

In this screen will be several options most likely. In mine, the Removable Device is the external hard drive I use for backups. Memory Card could be the SD Card USB Adapter I use to read the memory cards from a camera

Below those options, or ones similar to that, should be your phone that has been connected at least once before. Each different model of phone that has been connected to your computer will have it's own entry here. 

To change what happens when you connect your phone, simply click on the drop down and make your change. I prefer to just bring up a File Window, so I can transfer my own music, or copy pictures off my phone. You can see the other options in the picture:


You may have a program on your computer, such as Adobe Bridge, you can use to import the photos, or use Windows Media Player to sync files into your music folder. 

This is just the default program that runs when you plug in your phone. You can choose No Action, and then open which ever program manually you wish to use. 

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