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I would like a rotating graphic on my home page, where I can upload new photos to at any time.
I would like a Google Map embedded on my site with a pin (or multiple pins) to my location.
I would like to be able to add more sub menus to my site down the road when I need to add more information about my business or services.
I would like to write and publish news releases, or what's new, on my web site for the public to read, and share to their social media. News releases can also have a comment section.
I would like to upload photos I have taken to my web site, and sort them into different galleries.
I would like to be able to enter in upcoming events that my business, or my community, will be hosting and display them in a month-by-month calendar format, or as a list of upcoming events.
I would like for my clients to enter in a testimonial about my business and submit it to be published to my web site, along with other past referrals.
I would like to display a list of local businesses in my city, or other types of associated businesses.
I would like to post employment opportunities at my business for the public to read, and submit resumes for.
I would like to display a list of logos of the products I sell, or partnered businesses I deal with, or for sponsors for our organization.
I would like an area of my site only accessible my members or other people I have deemed worthy. This could include member only events or news or classified listings. (please elaborate in the comment area at the bottom - thanks!)

Additional Comments or Features I would like to add: