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Features & Tools

A website can be more than just a series of pages full of text. Back in the day of just html websites, each page had to be coded individually, and information wasn't shared among them. Modern tools now allows for code to be reused, and data to be shared among pages, making them more efficient, and easy to edit, eliminating the need to duplicate information constantly.

Below is a description of the various features your new website could have. Don't see something below that you would like your website to do? No problem. I can custom build the feature for you, or help find you a solution, already built.

Image Galleries

Choose from slideshows, Pinterest-style galleries, photo albums or a combination of styles. Having a rotating gallery on the home page is very popular among websites. People respond to pictures more than they do text, and your home page should be eye catching, in order to capture a potential client's attention and keep them on your site longer.



Event Calendars

Once events are inputted into your website administrator, they can be displayed in any number of forms. Month by Month grids, lists, or more! The handy part of typing in your events into the administrator is that once the event is over, it will disapear from the website automatically, saving you the time of changing the content.



Employment Opportunities

With larger companies, there is often the need to post help wanted advertisements on the website. These, as well as events, can be set up to automatically hide from the site once the opportunity has passed. If needed, browsers can submit their resume through the site to save for later.



Advertising Links & Images

This can take several forms, and several names. Most commonly, they are referred to sponsor links, or partner links. A series of logos from brands that a business carries, or companies that the business partners with. These can be shown on their own page, grouped by categories. Often a random sampling is shown on the home page, or on each page, off to the side.



Business Listings

Many community and member based websites will contain a list of businesses. With the list of businesses, google maps can be created showing pins for each business, galleries added for each business, as well as logos or scans of business cards. The data can then be organized and displayed in many numbers of ways.



Google Maps

Google has a free API for developers, allowing them to create simple to complex interactive maps. It can be as simple as a pin of your business location, to a map of dozens of businesses. It can show routes between two towns, or the path of a series of coordinates.



Online Forms

Sometimes, there is a need for more than just a form to contact you from the web site. Some companies like to put application forms for job opportunities, membership or other events on the site to help streamline the process. Custom forms can be created for you and the information entered by the public can be just emailed to you, or saved to your database for later.



Custom PDF Exports & Reports

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, meaning a type of document that is easily transferable across media types, from PC to laptop to tablets, and across platforms such as Windows and Mac. PDFs can be editable, however most are fixed format, flat documents that cannot be changed. A lot of government websites offer downloads of commonly used forms in PDF format, that you can then print out at home. The reader to open and print these files is a free tool that does not take long to download and install, called the Adobe Reader.

There are also many PDF creation tools available to web developers, free of charge. This allows me to create a custom PDF report based on the information in your database. These reports can then be retrieved at anytime, with up to date information. Reports can be created, and made available to the public, to the people who browse your site, or only to the owners of the website, accessible only through the Administrator tools that come with each site I build.

If the information is in the database, I can build the report!